You are viewing a thing called a Giraf Board. It showcases the interactive visualization you see right below, made by TWO-N. Boards provide information and tools for sharing their content on the web.

What can you do with this?

Embed it on your page

If you're writing HTML or have a blog that allows including a <script> tag in a post, you could embed this interactive visualization as is, right on your page. Just add the following code to the page you're creating:

<script src="https://giraf.herokuapp.com/static/vizzer/embed.js#url=https://giraf.herokuapp.com/~/two-n/giraf-repo-vizzer-bars/master/index.json"></script>

Here's an example of embedding working on a TWO-N blog post. It's possible that the blog service you use doesn't allow embedding <script> tags. In that case, you can still...

Link to the standalone version

The standalone version of this visualization is a clean page with just the interactive visualization in it. Its URL is:


You could link to that URL above, or copy+paste the snippet below into your page to create and HTML Anchor tag linking to the standalone version:

<a href='https://giraf.herokuapp.com/~/two-n/giraf-repo-vizzer-bars/master/index.html'>Link to example visualization</a>

Share a static image

You could also embed an image of this visualization on your page and use it as the call to action that, when clicked, will take users to the standalone version.

Thumbnail Image


Link: https://giraf.herokuapp.com/~/two-n/giraf-repo-vizzer-bars/master/img-1.png. Embed code:

<img src='https://giraf.herokuapp.com/~/two-n/giraf-repo-vizzer-bars/master/img-1.png' />

Preview Image


Link: https://giraf.herokuapp.com/~/two-n/giraf-repo-vizzer-bars/master/img-2.png. Embed code:

<img src='https://giraf.herokuapp.com/~/two-n/giraf-repo-vizzer-bars/master/img-2.png' />